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Pang Jen (Pong Zhen, Peng Jen)


Pang Jen was born in Li-yang Kiang-su, China. He studied at
the Soo-Chow Academy and won the Best Portrait Painter in
the class. He studied the classical technique of oil painting for
many years. Determined to further cultivate his skills, he later
studied in the studio of Yee-Bon in Hong Kong and Jean de
Botton in Paris. He set out on his own by having his first
one-man show in the U.S. Cultural Center in Hong Kong
sponsored by the U.S. State Department.

From 1958- 1962 he was an active committee member of the
Hong Kong Art Club, where he taught and was on the jury.
Pang Jen represented Hong Kong at the Commonwealth Art
Today at the Commonwealth Institute, London England in

His works have been shown in the City Hall Museum of Hong
Kong and the Commonwealth Institute in London, England. He
has participated in numerous exhibitions, more than forty
one-man shows, in different parts of the world. His talents
enabled him to be a first preference immigrant where was
able to enter the US in 1966.  His works have been featured
in several publications of the US state department during this

The "Pang" style developed over a course of over 50 years
cannot be mistaken.  With his vibrant palette and distinct
patterns, his paintings give a bright, up-beat feeling while still
engaging the imagination.  In a never-ending quest for
inspiration, Pang continues to paint today in Boca Raton, FL.
Girl with Green Lamp - 40" x 46" - $24,000
Coming Home - 40" x 48" - $16,000
36” x 46”
Red Interior
40” x 48”
Hong Kong Red Sails
36” x 48”

Partial List of Collectors of Pang Jen’s Paintings:

Pang-Jen (listed in Art Appraiser’s Book as Pong Zhen or Peng Jen)

•        Mr. & Mrs. Neil Armstrong, Cincinnati, OH
•        Mr. & Mrs. Clark Clifford, Washington, D.C.
•        Mr. & Mrs. F. Bechtel, California
•        Sir Stanford Sands of the Bahamas
•        Mrs. Stephen Sanford, Palm Beach, Florida
•        Mrs. J. A. Holmes, East Hampton, New York
•        Dow Chemical Company, Michigan
•        Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Genner & Smith, Inc., Hong Kong
•        AT&T Olga Hirshhorn Collection, Naples, Florida
•        Mr. & Mrs. Lindner, Cincinnati, Ohio
•        Cocoran Gallery, Washington, D.C (Hirshhorn Collection)
•        Cornell Museum of Art and History, Delray Beach Florida
•        Florida Atlantic University
•        Mr. William Rogers, Australia
•        Bechtel Company, California
•        Datu Donald Stevens, Prime Minister of Saba, Malaysia
•        Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Spence, Gulfstream, Florida
•        Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples, Florida
•        Margaret Tutwiler, Washington, D.C.
•        Jean Spence, Boca Raton, Florida

Works were featured in several U.S. State Department publications such as “Student Review” and “The World Today”,
before and after he entered the U.S. as a permanent resident approved through the U.S. Congress.